Mix everything as you like.

Try one day for free (for more information contact mo-cha reception)

We will prepare the prices for you based on your requirements; please contact mo-cha managers.

For mo-cha club members:

  • Self-service kitchen
  • Reduced prices of meeting room hire and mo-cha events
  • Reception services
  • You can sit in the mo-cha café
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Printing

The hire price includes:

  • Space layout
  • Equipment for video conferences
  • Mo-cha reception services
  • Wi-Fi


  • Coffee break and refreshments
  • Printing
  • Accommodation

Other services:
We can prepare any type of event for you completely (e.g. corporate events, teambuilding, lectures, training, different kinds of parties, tastings, concerts, weddings, etc.).

For more information, please, contact mo-cha managers.

Mo-cha CO-WORKING prices

Without membershipPrice*Entries
90 CZK1 hour
320 CZKday
*Prices are not including the VAT.

For membersPrice*Entries
700 CZK10 hours
1999 CZK40 hours
Premium2699 CZK80 hours
Premium3360 CZKUnlimited/month
Premium3890 CZKFixDesk/month
*Prices are not including the VAT.

Team FIX DESKPrice*Entries (per month)
Premium15 000 CZK4x Unlimited
Premium15 000 CZK4x Unlimited
Premium20 000 CZK*6x Unlimited
*Prices are not including the VAT.

Conference rooms**

Number of seatsPrice
(1 hour)
(4 hours)
Events and parties
Meeting room 112600 CZK2 100 CZK
Meeting room 220800 CZK3 000 CZK
Atrium14500 CZK1 800 CZK
Outside seating20800 CZK3 000 CZKTailored services
Wine bar241 500 CZK5 000 CZKTailored services
Kuželkárna multi-purpose hall1204 200 CZK12 000 CZKTailored services
The whole mo-cha260Tailored services
**Prices are not including the VAT.